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Majestic Garlic is a hardneck porcelain that is largely credited to Paul Pospisil of Bever Pond Estates in Ontario. This variety is relatively rare and highly sought after in the garlic world.


Majestic produces large bulbs ranging from 2″ to 3″ or more in diameter. Each bulb averages 4 to 6 large cloves per bulb.


Majestic is milder in flavor then our Spanish Roja but still packs more of a punch then our Music and Salt Spring Select verities. Wonderful roasted in the oven and spread on bri cheese!


Majestic garlic prefers colder climates and matures later on in the growing season. Majestic is an excellent keeper and has a long storage life. The plant itself is typically some of the most disease and drought resistant of garlics. Plant individual cloves, peels intact, pointy side up, 5- 6 inches deep and approximately 5-6 inches apart. Plant late September to early November. Cover in mulch and harvest in end of July early to mid August. 

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