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Extreme Hot


Spanish Roja also known as Greek or Greek Blue garlic is one of our most popular garlic verities. It is a heirloom variety believed to originate in Spain. Spanish Roja is a rocambole type, which is the most common hardneck cultivator. It is also considered to be one of the most relevant and revered of all hardneck garlics. It was first cultivated in northwest Oregon in the late 1800's.




Spanish Roja is a smaller variety of garlic with an average of eight to nine cloves wrapped up in a thin purple skin. Bulbs are usually over 2 1/2 inches in diameter and are of good size are grown primarily for their particularly rich flavor. 

Because of its thinner skins it is not a long storing garlic. But you will probably eat it all before it spoils anyway.




When raw it has a hot and spicy flavor that seems to last for ever. When it is cooked it has a deep, rich and complex flavor.  We have been told that flavor wise the Spanish Roja is one of the most preferred by chefs world wide.



Spanish Roja like most rocamboles grows better in cold winter climates. Plant individual cloves, peels intact, pointy side up, 5- 6 inches deep and approximately 5-6 inches apart. Plant late September to early November. Cover in mulch and harvest in end of July early August. 

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